We are a church that loves meeting together 

welcoming people from all walks of life into our family.

Whether you have a faith or not, our hope is that you will feel right at home.

 It's all about Jesus. 
We gather to love and worship Him, 
grow to be more like Him, 
go to make Him known to others. 

Our Story

Our journey began in January 2018 when 20 people from Jubilee Church, Worthing  started meeting together with the common aim of starting a church in Littlehampton.  This desire to start a church came as a response to a prophetic vision given to Jubilee Worthing which would see one church becoming 5, all within an hours journey from Worthing.  

Trinity Church, under the leadership of Martin Garratt, is the first one to be birthed.

We gather to worship God, pray and serve one another.

Together we grow to become more like Jesus.

Full of the Holy Spirit, we go to make Jesus known to others.


The church belongs to Jesus and is ultimately led by Him. Jesus is described in the Bible as husband to the Church and also as its shepherd. He has entrusted the local church to leaders who are given the task of caring and leading the church on His behalf.

Therefore, all who lead in the church should follow Jesus’ example and lead with a servant heart, motivated by grace.

Trinity is currently led by a group of 3 couples, with Martin leading the team. 

portrait of laders

Martin & Tania

Martin is Headteacher of a school in West Sussex, and before moving to start Trinity Church, was an elder at Jubilee Church, Worthing.  He is married to Tania who works as a debt adviser, and part-time in a secondary school.  They have 4 fantastic children and one gorgeous granddaughter.



Faithful to the BIBLE

We are committed to the faithful preaching and teaching of the Bible as our first and final authority.


Thrilled and motivated by GRACE

We are saved by grace, sustained by grace and will be glorified because of grace.  We did nothing to deserve God's saving grace, He accepts us undeservedly and unconditionally, and calls us to show the same grace to others.


Empowered by the HOLY SPIRIT

We believe God has given the Holy Spirit to believers and to the church to empower us to serve and love, and also to receive revelation about God, the church and the world.


Shaped by the PROPHETIC

We believe that prophetic input is crucial in providing ongoing direction and encouragement to us as a church.



We are called to be servants that die to ourselves for the benefit of others.  Jesus himself did not come to be served but to serve, therefore, we don't just serve to get the job done, but to imitate Christ.


Devoted to MISSION

We are passionate about fulfilling our calling to see the Kingdom of God extended.  We are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus to the people of Littlehampton and the nations.


Intentional about DIVERSITY

We are committed to building a diverse church that includes many different cultures, languages and age groups.


Embracing the POOR

We believe the church has a mandate from the Bible to embrace those who are materially, relationally and spiritually poor as co-equal partners in sharing the love of God.

Our Friends

Trinity is part of a bigger family of churches called ‘Regions Beyond’ who work together under the leadership of Steve Oliver.  We carry a vision to plant community-impacting churches around the world.  We are currently working into Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Europe.

Regions Beyond is part of the Newfrontiers network of churches.

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