Bible Reading Plan

At Trinity, we believe reading the Bible is an important part of abiding in Jesus. John 15 tells us that those who abide in Him will live fruitful lives, see their prayers answered, experience God's love and be filled with joy.

How do we abide in Him?  By allowing His words to abide in us.  Reading the Bible helps us get to know Jesus and so we have put together a simple reading plan, just one chapter a day, to help us all get to know Him more and for His words to abide in us.

Reading the same chapters as our friends at church and the people we meet in our discipleship groups each week can be a real encouragement and when we meet, we can talk about what we have learnt or what God has said to us.

As we start to read a new book in the Bible, we have found the animations made by The Bible Project really helpful. They give us a quick overview of the book and how it fits into the big story of the Bible.

When reading the Bible, here are some helpful questions that you can ask yourself.

Reading Plan for 2022

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