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Someone reading the Bible

Bible Reading Plan

At Trinity, we believe reading the Bible is an important part of abiding in Jesus. John 15 tells us that those who abide in Him will live fruitful lives, see their prayers answered, experience God's love and be filled with joy.

How do we abide in Him?  By allowing His words to abide in us.  Reading the Bible helps us get to know Jesus and so we encourage you to have find a Bible reading plan to help you get to know Him more and for His words to abide in you.

As we start to read a new book in the Bible, we have found the animations made by The Bible Project really helpful. They give us a quick overview of the book and how it fits into the big story of the Bible.

When reading the Bible, here are some helpful questions that you can ask yourself.

4 questions to ask when reading the Bible

Recommended Bible Reading Apps

You may want to take your time reading through the Bible, reading 1 chapter a day, or you might want some support in knowing what to read.  Here are some great Bible Reading Apps that might hep you.

You Version  Great Reading Plans for every possible area of life, whether it is reading through the whole Bible or a focus on leadership, work, marriage, depression, addiction.  There are plans suitable for everyone, from 5 days plans to whole year ones.

Lectio 365  A daily devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day. Written by leaders from the 24-7 Prayer movement, this resource helps you engage with the word, fix your eyes on Jesus, and connect with God in prayer.

Bible in One Year   The Bible in One Year is a daily Bible reading plan which takes you through the whole Bible in 365 days.  It is ideal for anyone who is looking for an easy and accessible way to read and understand the Bible.

Navigators Bible Reading Plans  The Navigators is a ministry that shares the gospel of Jesus and helps people grow in their relationship with Him through Life-to-Life® discipleship, creating spiritual generations of believers. They have a number of different Bible Plans, from reading the Bible in a year to  their 5 x 5 x 5 New Testament plan

Bible Gateway  Another excellent resource with a large number of plans to suit everyone.

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